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Hello. My name is Kate Cain Madsen.

I am a curriculum writer and editor as well as a website designer and coach. To learn more about the unusual website services of Ink Voices Studio, or get an overview of what I offer as a curriculum writer click the modules below. If you want to find creative K-12 curriculum and resources or want to know more about my background in education, please visit, and like or follow me on social media.

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Curriculum Design, Writing, and Editing


As a curriculum writer, I specialize in

  • social studies
  • visual art
  • theater/video
  • project-based learning
  • design-thinking
  • and advisory.

I am also a specialist in the integration of

  • ELA
  • media
  • visual literacy
  • study skills
  • arts (drama, design, visual art)
  • and technology into all content.

If you have a project I might fit into, please contact me directly by calling 828.552.4585

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  • Thoughtful content – depth over breadth 100%
  • Primary source research and engaging DBQ (Document-Based Questions & inQuiry) 100%
  • Arts & Technology Integration 100%
  • Project-Based Learning (PBL) emphasizing creativity, literacy, and presentation skills 100%


Website Writing and Editorial

“The difference between knowing your shit and knowing you’re shit.” 
I can write your copy or better yet, you write it and I will rewrite it so it communicates better for the web. I am not the Grammar Police and goodness knows I make mistakes. However, I know how to organize and chunk information for websites and I know how to encourage individuality and voice. While editing is not proofreading, I know how to use that red pencil in order to be helpful, and help organize a post by reducing repetition.

If you find egregious [horrible, terrible] errors on this site, please chuckle, contact me and tell me, and know that, no matter how badly you spel, I will not be looking down my nose at you [cliche] judging you when we work together. Let’s face it: It is a lot easier to edit someone else’s work. Let me help.


WordPress Coach
Are you always putting off that website, blog, and social media work because you don’t want to pay a writer or designer? You want to do it yourself. Okay, so you just need that Big Block of Time. You know the one.

How much time will you take training yourself? Do you have other business you could be doing? You can waste a lot of time and money on themes, plugins, and hosting that do not work out. I can help you sort out what you really need and help you understand your next steps if you need that bigger complicated custom designed site. I don’t design the big sites anymore so there is no reason to sell that idea to you. image of a man surrounded by a mess


It can be very frustrating to try to run your business while surfing around for quality reliable website solutions, work your dashboard, and then try to accomplish even simple things without code. I am ahead in this sometimes excruciating game. I have been working with WordPress since 2005.

I can help you.time money quality image


The first 30 minute Skype or 60 min face-to-face consultation is free. After that, I charge by the hour. For every 4 hours it takes, I cut the $50 an hour charge in half. I do this only for general coaching in order to be affordable for smaller businesses and encourage bigger blocks of time and upfront planning. This preserves sanity and limits record-keeping time for both of us.

An example:

If we have an initial two-hour face-to-face general consultation, that would cost $50 for the second hour. Add one hour of answering email questions. I measure this in 5,10, 15, and 30-minute emails, so let’s say 10 quick emails. Two hours = $100.

If you add a detailed website audit (user interface, plugins, themes, editorial recommendations) on an existing WordPress site up to 20 pages, that takes four hours. Instead of charging $200 for 4 hours, I charge a 1/2 day 50% discount.


Two-hour consultation + 10 emails + small website audit with recommendations = total $200. This could potentially save you ten times that in wasted time.

Note: This way of charging is not the same for helping you build or move and redesign a site. In those cases, I charge by the project and page.


You should know that SEO recommendations will be included but are not comprehensive. You need a specialist for that. I can tell you right now that spending hundreds of dollars every month on SEO alone is for CNN, not you. If you are a small business and someone is charging you that, they are probably breaking all Bing/Yahoo/Google’s rules and this will bite you later. There, I just saved you thousands of dollars with your first advice!

The Great WordPress or Squarespace One Day Build

The One Day Build is a unique coaching package that assists do-it-yourselfers build their WordPress website in one day after one month of preparation. If you want a quality custom designed site and someone to do the maintenance for you, you’ll pay $1000+. This is not that. This is you doing the work with me at your elbow.

If you have not yet spent months monkeying around with WordPress, or watched dozens of hours of video that won’t even apply to your theme and plugins, allow me to help you avoid all that. I will listen to your needs, look at sites you like, help you choose all the right plugins and the right theme and host and get all the content together. You save time, money, and sanity by having a coach but it also means you will save money every month going forward because you will know what you are doing and will be able to do it yourself.

On the day the site is built, we will work side by side (or by Skype). It will be easy for you to take it from there. This ensures it will take one day and that you will know how to do everything going forward.

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Part 1

The first part of this process is where I ask you a lot of questions about what you want, need, and have already tried. I look over your branding, content outlines, websites, and pages you like and review all your goals.

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Part 2

The second part of this process is the part where I do research. Then I formulate a proposal with several options and price points for purchasing the tools you need. I put together recommendations for potential themes, plugins, a host, and a plan. We go over options that have been custom chosen for you. You choose and we finalize the plan.

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Part 3

This is the “One Day Build.” Tools have been purchased, content collected, edited, and created, hosting set up, and now we sit side by side and build your site start to finish. Then we hug, or you know, not. We celebrate! Press releases go out. DONE.

PRICES: $675 for Squarespace, $795 for WordPress

Call 828.552.4585 for a 30 minute free consultation.

"Enough with WordPress already! Movin' to Squarespace!" —says you

Are you a DIY website owner spending too much time on WordPress?

If you are getting fed up with all the time and energy you are spending on your WordPress site, and want a simpler life, it’s probably time to move your site to Squarespace. You may have been thinking about this for a while but waiting for that Big Block of Precious Time. to watch all their tutorials and move your site content.

OR you can have me do it. It will be a lot faster. I can easily create a comparable design to the one you had. You can’t do everything on Squarespace that can be done on WordPress, but pretty close AND it’s easier to do other things. No more messing around with updates and security. Squarespace does not pay me for saying this; I have done it for other clients and they are happy. This cost is by the page because you may want me to set up the templates and move only part of your site and you will take it from there. Let’s talk about it.

Call 828.552.4585 for a 30-minute free consultation.